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Limited edition FIRST RUN prices starting at $8,999.00


The 151ci Kit from Leading Edge V-Twin is unlike anything the custom motorcycle industry has seen before. This motor has a 4.310 bore on a 5.180 stroke for a total displacement of 151.14 cubic inches. The kit has been designed with a total of over 60 years of both NASCAR and Harley-Davidson performance engine building experience. It is a large bore kit for use any of Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee Eight engine platforms. The engine cases have to be thoroughly machined for this version of the kit to be used. Included items in the 151ci kit are: Flywheel assembly, cylinders, pistons, timken bearing conversion, roller bearing on pinion side, cam bearing, choice of cam, lifters, pushrods, piston jet block off plate kit, and all necessary gaskets and seals

We are offering this kit in as a numbered first run limited edition of 12 at $8999.00 this price also includes free installation of the LE 151ci kit into your bike.

Details of what’s in the LE 151ci kit.



Our pistons are made of our proprietary design by CP Carillo. They are balanced and come with Total Seal rings.


Our balanced rods are also made of our proprietary design by CP Carillo. Due to our design these rods are far stronger than stock while being significantly lighter.


Our cylinders are made in the USA from aerospace-grade billet aluminum. Our radically different fin design results in far more efficient air cooling. Inside the cylinders reside aircraft-grade steel sleeves coated with our proprietary mix of Nikasil nickel/carbide/silicon plating.


Our Flywheels are static balanced, assembled and then dynamically balanced allowing us to eliminate the stock counterbalancing system. We also use a proprietary crank pin that does not allow the flywheels to scissor. This design is so inherently strong that it eliminates any need to weld the flywheels. 

Main Bearings

We convert every one of the the output bearings on our motor upgrades from a roller bearing to a Timken bearing. This bearing design is far more capable of handling all the power that Leading Edge 151ci motor puts out.



We use precision-machined tappets that have been specifically designed to work well with each our high-performing cam grinds. Our hydraulic roller design also optimizes oil flow to the top end of the engine.

Adjustable Push Rods

Our adjustable tapered push rods are made from Chromoly. They are proprietarily designed to be extremely rigid while also being very lightweight. 

Oiling system modification 

Our design changes allow the stock oiling system into the cylinder head to be deleted. The cylinder head temperatures stay the same as an OE engine and the oil temp stays consistently 20 degrees cooler than a stock M8 engine at idle.

Other Options:

Cam Plate & Oil Pump $839

We have teamed up with Feuling to design a cam plate that insures the massive horsepower the LE 151ci kit provides will keep the internals where they should be no matter the load. The USA-made billet aluminum LE/Feuling pump supplies the optimal amount of oil pressure, while being far more efficient than the stock M8 pump at returning oil.

Throttle body kit $719

Our throttle bodies are made entirely from billet aluminum and are designed to supply the proper amount of volume while maintaining the ideal air speed. This insures maximum efficiency while providing maximum power output. Please note: that we require your stock throttle body to transfer all of the electronic throttle components to your new throttle body. Under extensive testing we have decided to use proprietary 8.4 gram per-second injectors. This size and design supplies the proper amount of fuel to the Leading Edge 151ci kit. These injectors are included with our throttle body kit.


Air Cleaner $349

Once again we teamed up with Horsepower Inc to develop the highest-flowing intake money can buy. 

Exhaust - Coming soon

Our Various Exhausts are made in the USA out of 304 stainless steel by Fab.28 Industries. Each pipe is tuned for our various cam sizes.

Chain Drive Kit -TBD

After testing and using many of the chain drive kits currently on the market, we have decided to have Alloy Art manufacture a version of their Chain Cush Drive for Leading Edge.

Clutch $429

When inducing this much horsepower into any V-Twin engine a high-quality clutch is a must. We have worked closely with our engine designers and have come up with a clutch that can and will take the power that our LE 151ci kit dishes out. 

Transmission Internals - $TBD

We suggest either using a set of our CRYOed transmission internals or going with a beefier set up altogether such as a Baker Transmission Grudgebox. 

Patent Pending: US 62\689,397

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